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Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve

"We believe in protecting the natural beauty and soul of the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve".

At Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve we strive to challenge the sustainability of everything we do to ensure that current and future generations enjoy the natural beauty and soul of the Reserve.  Everything we do at the Reserve is focused on our purpose and 100% of the profits from our campsite, apartments, restaurant, takeaway and store help us to deliver a truly authentic New Zealand outdoor recreation destination that you can trust. 

The Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve is 250ha of Crown land that includes Kaiteriteri Beach, Kākā Point Historic Reserve, Kākā Island, Kaiteriteri Estuary, Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park and the hills with native bush surrounding the beach and estuary. We are governed by a Reserve Board appointed by the Minister of Conservation. We do not receive any funding from the government, so every dollar spent by our visitors has real importance. 


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History of our region

Although there was earlier European interest in Tasman Bay, the first recorded entry into Kaiteriteri was by Captain Arthur Wakefield in October 1841 when searching for a suitable permanent settlement for New Zealand Company settlers. Kaiteriteri also featured in Wakefield’s diary when a korero was held with local chiefs to discuss Nelson land purchases and reach agreement on payment and reserves.

Terms included the protection of tāngata whenua settlements, cultivations and wāhi tapu and the reservation of one-tenth of all land used for the Nelson settlement to be held in trust for the benefit of the original Maori owners and their families. This land became known as the Tenths Reserves. Kaiteriteri has considerable historic significance as the first meeting place between tāngata whenua and representatives of the New Zealand Company whose sole purpose was to colonise a ’new’ country.  

On 28th January 1936, the future of Kaiteriteri as a holiday destination was confirmed in a public meeting where Syd Rowling was nominated as the first chairman of the new Kaiteriteri Domain Board and was joined by half a dozen other prominent local people. The Board commenced the set-up of better camping arrangements, such as boundaries, clean water, toilets, and even a public phone. The road from Riwaka to Kaiteriteri was also completed which finally eased the long journey across the mudflats at low tide.  

The Reserve & the Community

Kaiteriteri is a very small community and is dependent on the support of volunteers and donations to protect the environment, wildlife and fauna. The Reserve has a proud record of supporting many of these groups over the years including a predator control program, Tasman Bay Guardians, and Little Blue Penguins. 

Another huge part of the community is the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park, which is an incredible asset for the region and the Reserve.  It has been built and maintained by local volunteers and supported by Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve, with funding and employing a park manager, 

The Reserve also provides a perfect adventure playground for young and old, both on land and sea. So, this year we will continue to support the Motueka High School Adventure Racing team in their endeavours to win the National championship. 

Our Team & Values

Our team led by CEO Mason Fitzgerald has 30 permanent employees responsible for the management and operation of the Reserve throughout the year. With the seasonality of the business, and the demands of more than 4000 visitors per day in summer our team grows to 120+ supporting our accommodation, retail, food & beverage outlets and customer service.  

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Annual Reports & Documents
Recreational Drone Use

You must have a concession (permit) from DOC to fly a drone on Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve land, including the beach, for any reason, including private and non-commercial use.

A concession (permit) ensures we:

  • Protect the local wildlife
  • Respect Māori cultural values by involving hapū and iwi
  • Let others enjoy the outdoors too
  • Consider people’s privacy
  • Prevent accidents and interference by following Civil Aviation Authority rules
  • Follow relevant policies and plans.

Click on the link for more information or to apply.  Recreational drone use

Commercial Business, Events or Activities

If you would like to use Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve land to operate a business, event or activity you must get permission from the Kaiteriteri Reserve Board and then if required from the Department of Conservation in the form of a concession. We have numerous concession partners operating businesses within the Reserve, examples can be found here.For more information, please visit permissions on the Department of Conservation website.If you would like to discuss a business opportunity, event or activity please contact us.


There isn’t a single amazing thing about Kaiteriteri. There are about ten zillion. So start figuring out what to put at the top of your list.


Our Restaurant, Takeaway and On the Spot store are owned and operated by Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve, and the profits used to protect the natural beauty and soul of the reserve for everyone to enjoy.


Stay Self contained or open plan cabins? Beach views or park views? We have different options available to suit your needs and budgets. The choice is all yours Kaiteriteri.