Te Hau Kōmaru National Waka Hourua Festival

7th-14th April 2024

The festival is a celebration, bringing together waka from across Aotearoa (New Zealand). It is a gathering of heritage, craftsmanship, waka workshops, interactive activities, and a platform for waka experts to share mātauranga waka.

Te Hau Kōmaru was formed in 2021 to support kaupapa waka hourua through an organised establishment. Te Hau Kōmaru brings together kaupapa waka experts representing different rohe, a rōpū for guidance, advice and information on mātauranga waka. In addition, our engagements focus on protection, sharing and keeping mātauranga waka alive in our communities and through our bi-annual waka hourua festival.

As kaitiaki and kaihautū, Te Hau Kōmaru National Waka Hourua Charitable Trust is setting sail to protect, bring awareness to, share kōrero of, and guide the continued legacy of kaupapa waka in Aotearoa. Te Hau Kōmaru National Waka Hourua Festival will be the third festival since 2021, and takes place in the rohe of Ngāti Rārua and Te Ātiawa at Kaiteretere beach, Te Tai o Aorere. 

We hope that through the festival we raise awareness and educate people about the cultural significance and history of waka hourua, fostering a deeper understanding of waka hourua traditions for generations to come.