Kaiteriteri Boat Ramp

Everything you need to know

  • General Enquiries 

    Feel free to give us a call or flick us a email. 

  • Office Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:30am - 8:30pm (hours may differ slightly throughout year)

  • P: +64 3 527 8010

  • Email:  [email protected]


  • Day Pass - $10
  • Season Pass - $50
  • Annual Pass - $100
  • Summer Mooring - $30 per day.

Payments, during peak hours, can be made at the boat ramp kiosk from 8 am to 4 pm. For off-peak periods, please visit the campground front desk for information on seasonal and annual passes. Day passes can be paid through the honesty box at the boat ramp.

Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve is self-funded, receiving no financial assistance from the government or local councils. The entirety of boat ramp fees is reinvested into the maintenance and enhancements of the Reserve.

Regarding trailer parking, locations vary based on the time of year due to summer congestion. Parking trailers on the beach or unauthorized areas may lead to towing of the trailer and vehicle.

For non-peak times (9th Feb to 19th Dec), trailers are permitted in the Southern carpark, this is the one with the NPD fuel station. It's advised to reverse into the parks at the estuary end.

During peak times (20th Dec to 8th Feb), trailers are only allowed at the Mountain bike park car park on Martin Farm road, approximately a 10-minute walk from Kaiteriteri Beach.



Here are some additional details:

  • Public toilets are situated at the ramp end of the camp along the street frontage.
  • A paid boat washing facility is available near the bus park.
  • Fuel can be obtained at the NPD station in the Southern carpark.
  • Launching and retrieving at Kaiteriteri ramp during spring low tides is discouraged due to the low ramp angle and surrounding rocks.
  • Boats are not allowed to pass through the swimming area at any time.
  • Unattended vessels may not anchor in either of the access lanes.
  • Mooring arrangements should be made through the Kaiteriteri Beach Camp office.
  • PWCs (jet skis) are restricted from operating at speeds exceeding 5 knots in Kaiteriteri Bay.

For more detailed local boating and fishing information, refer to https://tasman.govt.nz/my-region/recreation/boating-and-fishing/.

Waterskiing regulations include:

  • The Kaiteriteri ski area is reserved for water skiers during a four-hour period, starting two hours before high tide until two hours after.
  • Water skiing is also allowed outside the reserved area and within 200 meters from the coast in Tasman Bay to the east.
  • PWCs (jet skis) are prohibited from towing waterskiers within the waterski area.
  • Please also comply to the national standard of anti-clockwise rotation direction in Kaiteriteri when boating and skiing , especially considering the tidal current from the estuary, as swimmers sometimes get dragged out, cheers.

Boat Ramp Fees
  • Day Pass - $10
  • Season Pass - $50
  • Annual Pass - $100

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